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As the city of Austin grows, the population has been moving further from the city center, into places like Hays County, according to Community Impact News. There are a number of areas that are seeing the economic benefits of a booming population, and many of these areas are outside of Austin’s city limits. The Census Bureau has significant increases in Hays County, although there is still a need for infrastructure development in many areas. In some cases, developers have gone…Read More

By some estimates, more than half of all Americans die without a will. Thinking about what will happen after you die is certainly unpleasant, and many people think that they will get it done “one day.” There are a couple of problems with this, the most obvious of which is that, unfortunately, accidents happen and some people die very suddenly. When you die, the probate court will take a look at your situation, and make sure that your debts, assets…Read More

In these turbulent economic times, many people have moved away from the stock market and toward real estate to invest their money for the future. According to a report in the Austin American-Statesman, this may not be as safe as some people think. The perception by many is that tangible assets are safer than stocks, and a house can be rented out for income. There is an economic term for a situation where a lot of things can go wrong:…Read More

The Austin American-Statesman features a piece giving advice about how much money to contribute to your company 401(k) plan in order to save for retirement. The article focuses around two primary things. First, maximize the company match if at all possible. Realistically, the company match is extra money that the company is giving you on top of your wages or salary. If the company offers a 50% match of the money that you contribute, up to a certain point, take…Read More

Construction has begun for the new covered arena in Dripping Springs, according to the Austin American-Statesman. The project is being funded by a combination of public funds and donations from local businesses and citizens. The project is currently about $1.5 million short of the budget goal, and donations are being sought to make up the difference. Mayor Todd Purcell believes that the park will help Dripping Springs retain its history, and also create a positive impact on area businesses. The…Read More

According to the Austin American-Statesman, Austin-based Silverback Enterprise Group purchased a cloud-based computing company based out of San Diego called EPM Live. The company will be combined with PowerSteering Software, another company owned by Silverback, based out of Boston. The hope is to focus on the growth of the cloud-based segment of the software industry, which is performing very well. While the company’s offices will be based primarily in Austin, San Diego, and Boston, they have clients worldwide. Silverback will…Read More

Forbes has conducted a study on the best metropolitan areas in the United States for working mothers. The study took into consideration cost of living, average commute times, cost of child care, quality of schools, safety of the community, among other issues. The idea was to spotlight places where a working mother can feel that her children are safe and well-educated, while also being able to support them and spend time with them. They published a list of the top…Read More

Dripping Springs has seen a lot of business growth in recent years, with a number of businesses moving into the town from other municipalities around Austin, according to the Austin American-Statesman. Notably, a number of beverage makers and hotels have moved into the community, citing business-friendly regulation in the city. With the Dripping with Taste Festival coming up, it certainly seems that Dripping Springs is becoming a destination, both for businesses and individuals. After some tough times, has your financial…Read More

The Dripping Springs Chamber of Commerce and Visitor’s Bureau will be holding the 5th annual Dripping with Taste Wine and Food Festival on September 8.  The event will take place at the Texas Hill Country Olive Company and will feature many local Dripping Springs businesses.Read More

According to the Austin American Statesman, home sales in the Austin metro area have been on the rise. May was the twelfth consecutive month that there have been more home sales than the same month of the previous year. It was also the fourth consecutive month of median price increases compared to the previous year. What may be most important is that the price per square foot of homes increased from last May. There could be several reasons for the…Read More

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