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Covered Arena In Dripping Springs

Construction has begun for the new covered arena in Dripping Springs, according to the Austin American-Statesman. The project is being funded by a combination of public funds and donations from local businesses and citizens. The project is currently about $1.5 million short of the budget goal, and donations are being sought to make up the difference. Mayor Todd Purcell believes that the park will help Dripping Springs retain its history, and also create a positive impact on area businesses. The hope is that this project will help the process of making Dripping Springs an integral, vibrant part of the area, continuing in the rapid expansion that the community has been experiencing.

Do you own, or are you thinking of opening, your own businesses in Dripping Springs? There are many reasons why you may need to speak with an experienced Dripping Springs business attorney.

Business ownership is a big part of the American dream, but MANY people don’t realize how complicated or stressful owning your own business can be. From creating constitutional documents that will set up a business model that will allow the greatest possible success to all stake holders, to ensuring adherence to applicable regulations depending on your industry, to settling or resolving disputes, either between stakeholders or between the business and others, there are a multitude of reasons why you may need the experience and knowledge of someone whose role is to understand the legal aspects of your business. No business owner wants to spend all of his or her time understanding the legal details that a business depends on; you want to spend your time taking care of your customers, and following your passion.

Contact Brian Daniel for all of your business law needs. As an experienced Dripping Springs business attorney, he can handle the legal details of your business, allowing you to focus on the reasons why you decided to go into business in the first place. Brian has helped numerous people in Dripping Springs and Austin to protect their legal rights, and protect their business interests, while allowing his clients to focus on their own business. Owning a business is a very complicated thing; don’t go into it blind. For more information, contact Dripping Springs business attorney Brian Daniel today at (512) 615-3569 to discuss your options.

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