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Advice About How Much Money To Contribute To Your Company 401(k) Plan

The Austin American-Statesman features a piece giving advice about how much money to contribute to your company 401(k) plan in order to save for retirement. The article focuses around two primary things. First, maximize the company match if at all possible. Realistically, the company match is extra money that the company is giving you on top of your wages or salary. If the company offers a 50% match of the money that you contribute, up to a certain point, take advantage of the match, set aside however much you need to in order to get the maximum match. Then, contribute as much as possible. If you are good at budgeting, then figuring out how much you can set aside should be easy enough. If you have trouble budgeting, set aside how much you think you can, and gradually increase your percentage as time goes on. You will most likely find that as your take home decreases according to your increased contributions, your spending will accommodate the changes.

Do you need help planning for your family’s financial future? Contact an experienced estate planning attorney today.

We all know that saving for retirement is important, but actually doing it, especially when you feel like you don’t have a lot of extra money now, can be difficult.

A good thing to keep in mind is that, by saving for the future, you are planning not only for your future, but you are also setting up for your family in case something should happen to you. It is vital to plan in advance in case a terrible illness or tragic accident should take you away from your family. No one likes thinking about writing a will, or planning for their children’s welfare in their absence, but there are a few things to remember. If you don’t have a will, a probate court will decide how to distribute your assets if you die. These issues can become complicated, especially if you have had a divorce, children with multiple partners, or serious business disputes confusing what needs to be done with your assets. Probate court will also decide who will look after the well-being of your children. One of the most important things about a will is that it allows you a legal voice to communicate your decisions about family, business concerns, and your personal assets after you are gone. However, in order for a will to be truly effective, it needs to be well-written, with the help of an experienced estate planning lawyer.

Contact a dedicated estate planning attorney today today to discuss your options. Planning for the future is not always pleasant, but it really is extremely important. Don’t let an impersonal probate court make these important decisions for you. Make sure that your family, your children, even your business are taken care of should something unexpected take you away from them. Dripping Springs estate planning attorney R. Brian Daniel has the experience you need to ensure that your will be followed by the probate court so that YOUR decisions will be the ones that control what happens with your loved ones. Remember that your will can be updated at any time; as your life changes, as you have children or your children grow up, as your income rises or falls, your will should reflect those changes. Your attorney can forge a personal relationship with you, so that you are comfortable sharing these experiences, and updating your will accordingly. For more information contact an estate planning lawyer in your area today.

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