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More Than Half Of All Americans Die Without A Will

By some estimates, more than half of all Americans die without a will. Thinking about what will happen after you die is certainly unpleasant, and many people think that they will get it done “one day.” There are a couple of problems with this, the most obvious of which is that, unfortunately, accidents happen and some people die very suddenly. When you die, the probate court will take a look at your situation, and make sure that your debts, assets and so forth are handled legally. If you have a valid will, they will ensure that your wishes are followed. If, however, you have no will, the probate court will have to make numerous decisions on your behalf.

Do you need to have your will written, or change an existing will? Speak with an experienced Dripping Springs estate planning attorney today to discuss your options.

If, after any outstanding debts are paid your estate has money, the probate court will decide who gets the money. If you have minor children, they will decide who will take custody of the children. These are important decisions, and while it is possible that the probate court will make the same decision that you would have, an well-written will could ensure it. Furthermore, it is important to understand that a poorly written will may not be valid. For this reason, it is vital that you consult with a Dripping Springs estate planning attorney to help.

Contact R. Brian Daniel today to discuss your situation if you have no will, or if your will is outdated. Major life changes, such as a new job or promotion, a new child, or a child reaching adulthood and moving out of the house, are all good reasons to update your will. No one wants to think too much about what will happen when they die, but the fact is, it is important. Dripping Springs estate planning attorney Brian Daniel has helped countless people to ensure that their loved ones will be cared for appropriately in the event of their death. For more information call Brian today at (512) 615-3569.

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