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Austin Rates in Top 20 for Working Mothers | Dripping Springs Estate Planning Attorney

Forbes has conducted a study on the best metropolitan areas in the United States for working mothers. The study took into consideration cost of living, average commute times, cost of child care, quality of schools, safety of the community, among other issues. The idea was to spotlight places where a working mother can feel that her children are safe and well-educated, while also being able to support them and spend time with them. They published a list of the top twenty metropolitan areas in the country according to the ranking metric, and Austin came up at number sixteen on the list.

Are you a working parent looking to ensure the security of your children? Contact an experienced Dripping Springs estate planning attorney to discuss your options.

While every parent places his or her children first, working to create the best possible life and future, it isn’t possible to foresee every challenge that will arise. However, it is important to ensure that, should something happen to us as parents, our children will be cared for in the best, safest, and most stable environment. It is very easy to delay estate planning, and it certainly is not a pleasant task, but it is extremely important, especially when your family experiences a significant change, such as the birth of a child, divorce, or a major change in your financial situation.

If you have experienced a major change in your financial situation, contact Dripping Springs estate planning attorney Brian Daniel to discuss your options. Brian can help you understand what options are available, so that the future of your family, and particularly your children, can be as secure as possible. Doing everything you can for your children includes providing for their future, even in case of trouble. For more information contact Brian today at (512) 615-3569.

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